© Copyright Daniel Slaman Guitars 2013 As a tribute to the archetype of all jazz guitars, the Gibson L5, introduced in 1923, guitar maker Daniel Slaman will make a unique guitar inspired by this momentous achievement of acoustic engineer Lloyd Loar and the Gibson guitar company.  The construction of the guitar is brought to you in many video’s. The guitar was finished end of July 2013 and the result can be seen here (outside link) Lloyd Loar and the Gibson L5  In the early twenties in Kalamazoo, Michigan, a brilliant acoustic engineer named Lloyd Loar, who was working for the Gibson guitar company, invented the the "Master Model" instruments: the H5 "Master Model" mandola, F5 "Master Model" mandolin, K5 "Master Model" mando- cello, L5 "Master Model" guitar, and "Master Tone" (later to become "Mastertone") banjos.  1923 Gibson released the first f-hole Archtop guitar designed by Lloyd Loar, the Gibson L-5. It represented some of the most significant advancements ever brought to the archtop acoustic guitar. The innovations brought to the acoustic archtop guitar by Loar are numerous;  fully graduated top and back, a minimum-thickness area (today referred to as a "recurve") around the entire soundboard, parallel braces or  tone bars, f-holes (inspired by the violin family of instruments), longer necks (i.e., access to a greater playable range of the fretboard) that connected to the body at the 14th fret, raised fretboards (above the soundboard),  increased neck pitch from 4° (of the F4) to 6° to achieve a 16° string break angle (over bridge) and a classic "Cremona"  brown sunburst finish. http://www.newvintageguitars.com/features-1923.html